NYC Subway Line is New York's own fashion line. It was first created in 1995 when Lynne Lambert, one of New York City's working actors, was waiting
for a subway train at Brooklyn's Boro Hall station. "Why hasn't anyone done anything with these subway symbols," she thought as she gazed up at the sign.
vivivvivii"They are a quintessential part of the city. Anyone who lives here, or even visits sees them. I think people would wear them if they were on clothing." She
vivivviviiapproached the MTA to get a license to do just that, and the NYC Subway Line was born.

viviviviviNYC SL has become part of the popular culture, worn by people as diverse as Bill Clinton and the rapper "Fabolous." They've been in movies including
vivivivivi"Bring it On," "Prime," "You Got Served," "Little Manhattan," "Take the Lead," "The Rebound," worn by the actors in "Entourage," and in several of MTV's
"Real World" shows, "Making the Band," "America's Best Dance Crew" and on VH1, MUN2 and BET shows.


viviviviviNYCSL products have also been featured in: "WWD-Women's Wear Daily," "In Style," "YM," "Cosmo Girl," "New York Magazine" and many other publications
viviviviviseen in the U.S. and around the world!

viviviviviToday this trendy brand includes not only tees but hoodies, bags, wallets, tech sleeves, card holders, luggage tags and much more. And the city that inspired
vivivivviiNYC Subway Line is a real part of it all. Royalties from the sale of NYC SL products go to support the NY Transit Museum in Brooklyn - filled with old subway
ivivivivivtrains, buses, tokens, maps and signs - and the NY Transit Museum Annex in Grand Central Terminal.