About Our Founder, Lynne Lambert

Lynne Lambert, like many aspiring actors before her, came to NYC to pursue her acting career.  She had grown up all over the country, in the cities and suburbs of Baltimore, Denver and San Francisco.  NYC was a big leap in terms of both opportunity and competition.  

Her first memory of NY was a somewhat terrifying ride from Penn Station to Queens.  The train was so old it rattled and rocked violently from side to side with every bump or curve.  She wondered if either she or the car would make it.  But the New Yorkers on board seemed nonchalant so she decided she was safe.  That night she crashed on the sofa of a friend of a friend and spent the next couple of years in whatever apartment shares she could find or afford.

After many months of meetings and auditions with agents and casting directors her career began to take off.  They mostly liked her voices.  Eventually she carved out a career doing lots of radio spots and TV voiceovers.  She became the announcer for toys, funny couples on the radio, the dubbed in voices of beautiful models who couldn’t act.  She did women’s voices in Grand Theft Auto, cartoons and the voice inside a talking baby doll. Each day called for different skills.  It was creative and exciting.  She had found her niche!

Fast forward to a few years later.  She was married, living with her writer husband Dan (lifelong Lower East Sider) and young son in Brooklyn.  One day, waiting for a train at Boro Hall, she found herself staring up at the subway sign with its big green #4 and #5 train circles.  Her son was turning 5 years old.  That meant she would need to find a dozen turning five birthday gifts.  A chore.  But what if there was a #5 train symbol tee shirt she could buy?  Or what if she could get an #A train tee for Ali and an #F for Joey who lived in Carroll Gardens.  By the time she got home she was convinced it was a great idea and she had to do it!

She gathered up her courage, and her life savings from her acting career, and approached the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for a license.  That’s how the NYC Subway Line was born!  Since then, the products have been featured in local, national and international publications.  They’ve been appeared in movies, on TV and various videos on Instagram, FB and Tik Tok.  They’ve been worn by celebrities - like President Clinton, Uma Thurman and various rockers - and regular people all around the world!

Lynne is very proud of creating this iconic line.  The products are little love stories to NYC.  As long as there are subways, she thinks there will always be NYC Subway Line.  We hope you enjoy our products and our story.